Antonia Caputo (Bari, 1/4/1952 – Trento, 03/1/2010) was an Italian painter, sculptor and teacher.


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Antonia Caputo
Antonia Caputo

Antonia Caputo, a well-known painter and sculptor and an esteemed teacher on the Trentino and Italian art scene of the second half of the 20th century, was born in Bari on 1 April 1952, the daughter of Domenico Caputo and Giovanna Cucinella. She graduated with full marks from Bari’s Academy of Fine Arts in 1974. She attended specialization courses in Restoration– psychology of form–mosaic–fresco–serigraphy, in Restoration– mosaic–fresco, and in Psychology of form–restoration, again at Bari’s Academy of Fine Arts. After passing a public examination that qualified her as a teacher in Painting Disciplines, she served as an art education teacher in several Italian schools and in February 1977 she moved to Trento, where she started at art institute “A. Vittoria” a teaching activity that was going to carry on until 2009. Divided between teaching, collaborating with the “Andromeda” art studio and her own artistic research, already started successfully when she was a young girl in her hometown, Antonia did not lose contact with her native land but got even closer to her parents, to brother Tommaso and sister Pasquina. In April 1986 she met Claudio Tugnoli, whom she married in Trento on 10 June 1989. On 3 January 2010Antonia Caputo prematurely lost her fight against a long illness, bravely endured thanks to her Christian faith.

Antonia Caputo left a huge production of works of art, some of them at the rough or trial stage. In the course of her fruitful artistic activity, moved by an early inspiration and serenely striving to realize dreams and ideals that were never betrayed, Antonia experimented with various techniques and materials, ranging seamlessly from watercolours to canvas painting and other mixed techniques. She went with the power of lightning through the art scene of the second half of the 20th century, interpreting it with an unmistakable style and a special poetic energy, absolutely personal and unique, first as a student, then as a teacher. Her teaching was guided by the conviction that teacher and student travel together through artistic creation on a path to beauty, truth and goodness: education as ethics. Her work as a teacher was seen as a mission, a way to transmit knowledge that, filtered by a heart like her’s, became sharing a wisdom (sapienza) that gives flavour (sapore - from the Latin word sapio) and taste to the things of art. Despite her suffering in the last few years, Antonia completed the task she was lucidly aware usque ad finem, until the end. Claudio Tugnoli established at the art institute “A. Vittoria” in Trento the ANTONIA CAPUTO SCHOLARSHIP, that every year honours three students judged excellent, with particular reference to drawing from life, by the school internal committee.

Graphics projects
Here the main projects she participated in, collaborating with important institutions:
- Postcard graphics project – Rassegna Nazionale di Satira e Umorismo/National Exhibition of Satire and Humour (Foligno), “Andromeda” art studio, Trentino-Alto Adige host region, 1985;
- 9th Mostra Internazionale di Arte Postale/ International Exhibition of Mail Art, city of Pergola, autonomous state-owned philatelic and numismatic company of the Republic of S. Marino, arts and culture department of the province of Pesaro-Urbino, 1998;
- Graphics project for the competition “Lungo i binari del Noce” (Along the Noce railway), Trento – Malè railway, 2000;
- Participation in a graphics competition by EUWARD-Kunstpreis HPCA-KUNST-Werkstatt Hirschplanallee 2, Oberschleissheim, Germany, 2000;
- Graphics project for a national competition on humorous graphics, dedicated to the young, In Vino Veritas, Blu di Prussia publisher, Piacenza, 2000;
- Graphics-painting project for the “Imago Christi” competition, tourist board and Town of Arquata del Tronto, Great Jubilee 2000;
- Graphics project and participation in the international competition of children's books illustrators, Bologna – children's books illustrators, 2000–2001;
- The “Open space” company, graphics and pictorial project on chair decoration. Competition: “Intreccio di forme d'arte” (Intertwined forms of art) – from work of art to object, from object to work of art – architect Olivier Leblois, February-March 2001;
- Graphics project for the ”Don Chisciotte” (Don Quixote) humorous contest, Town of Trento, Cassa Rurale di Trento, “Andromeda” art studio, April 2001;
- Project and realization of an Art Nouveau lamp, From programmes to activities – Call for proposals by Trentino’s IPRASE – June 2001;
- Graphics project for Borgo Roma Hospital in Verona (Haematology Department), Verona, 2005–2006;
- Graphics project for Santa Chiara Hospital in Trento (Paediatrics Department), Trento, 2005–2006.

Main participations in collective exhibitions with personal works:
- Extemporary painting exhibition, Rutigliano’s Centre for the Development of Artistic Activities, 1971 (ranking: 3rd place);
- “Il paesaggio italiano” (The Italian landscape), second national biennial art exhibition, “Puglia” art gallery, Foggia, 1972 (mention of merit);
- “Città di Castellaneta” second national painting award, “Etolia” art gallery, Castellaneta, 1972 (mention of merit);
- “Città di Giovinazzo 1973”, national painting award, “Leonardo” artistic-cultural club, Giovinazzo, 1973 (ranking: 4th place with silver caravel);
- “Noci d’oro”, 13th national painting exhibition, Noci tourist board, 1974 (with distinction);
- “Trofeo Magna Grecia” 4th national painting exhibition, continuing education social centre and tourist board of Taranto, 1974 (with special mention);
- “Silvio Dodaro” Award, 5th biennial painting award, “Michelangelo” art club, Bari, 1974;
- Graphics project for the playbill of “Le morbinose”, a comedy by Carlo Goldoni, U.T.E.A.T.R.O. theatre workshop, Trento 1985;
- Città di Pergola 3rd International mail art exhibition. “Sulle note di Rossini” (To the tune of Rossini), “La Città nuova” cultural association – Pergola, Philatelic numismatic club, Town of Pergola, Province of Pesaro-Urbino, Arts and Culture Department, 1992;
- “Figli d'Arte” (Art in the family). Collective exhibition of artists, designers and illustrators, “Andromeda” art studio, Trento, 1999;
- Picture for the playbill of “Medee nel tempo” (Medeas over Time), Regional Institute of Social Studies and Research) – Third Age University, Trento, 2000;
- “E' tempo” (Time has come), an exhibition of images, objects and words, Banca del Tempo (Time Bank), Trento - Palazzo della Regione, Trento, 2000;
- "Donne nel nuovo millennio" (Women in the new millennium), Margarita cultural centre –Arci Trentino–European Horizons, Nago/Torbole fortress, 2001;
- Works on copper with the fire enamel technique, promoted by the Cavalieri d’Italia national association, 2001;
- “La bellezza in una stanza” (Beauty in a room) for the outpatients waiting room in the Oncology Department of Borgo Trento Hospital, Il Circolo della Rosa, 2002.

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