Curatorís note

Antonia Caputo left a huge production of works of art, some of them at the rough or trial stage. This catalogue is not meant to be an archive or a broadly exhaustive survey of the material the curator was fortunate enough to know directly, but a representative and reasoned gallery presented in chronological order. In the course of her rich artistic activity, moved by an early inspiration and serenely striving to realize dreams and ideals that were never betrayed, Antonia experimented with various techniques and materials, first as a student, then as a teacher. She went through the second half of the 20th century drawing inspiration from movements and figures of her time – as illustrated in the remarks and critical comments contained in this catalogue – only to affirm with force and inflexible consistency her need for study and personal research. Her teaching activity was guided by the conviction that teacher and student travel together through artistic creation on a path to beauty, truth and goodness. Listening to the testimonies of friends, colleagues and admirers of her tireless, harmonious and multiform activity, the reader will become convinced that, despite her suffering of the last few years, Antonia completed the task she was lucidly aware of usque ad finem -until the end.

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